Customs Brokerage

Whether you’re importing apparel, footwear, perishables, machinery or consumer goods, our experts will always have your best interest in mind. We take our expertise in customs brokerage seriously. When it comes to filing an entry, classifying a product our team will ensure compliance of the latest government rules and regulations in order to avoid costly delays, services failures, and fines and penalties. Our national presence through Remote Location Filing means we can act as your exclusive broker nationwide for all your Customs clearances, ISF filings and Customs bonds requirements.

You need a partner who pays attention to detail and keeps up with U.S Customs and participating government agency changes. We pay attention to all the details and utilize our experience, regulatory expertise and the latest technology to ensure that your supply chain remains compliant. Our teams of experts, with an average 20 years of experience, will guide you through the maze of complicated compliance rules and regulations, making the delivery of your product seamless and transparent. We will make sure that you are kept up to date on any regulatory changes and that all required documentation is available to ensure a timely and compliant entry release process.