Compliance Survey

Test Your Knowledge on Compliance with U.S. Customs

Within the last few years, U.S. Customs has imposed significant new responsibilities on importers. As an importer, how would you weather if U.S. Customs chose to review your records?

Listed below are some questions that may prove to be suggesting on areas in which you may want to further exceed in education.

Compliance Survey


Are you a first time importer?


Are you familiar with the Customs Regulations contained in Title 19 of the Code of Federal Regulations and the (HTSUS) Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States?


Is there a particular individual within your company who is responsible for compliance with the U.S. government regulations which apply to imports, i.e., U.S. Customs, FDA, EPA, DOT, CPC, FTC, or Agriculture?


Compiling data, do you have specific procedures in place for insuring accurate information on the product you are importing, providing accurate information to your customs broker, review and monitor information received from your customs broker, and properly evaluate and respond to requests for information from you customs broker or U.S. Customs?


The information provided to you by your vendor, have you ever had cause to question the accuracy of the information provided by your vendor?


Concerning your import operations, have you consulted with a license Customs House Broker or an attorney with regards to the rules and regulations on importing?


Are you related to your vendor?


Are you absolutely sure on the origin of your product in which you are importing, are there import restrictions, is your product subject to quota?


Are you familiar with INCO terms, assists, markings on packages, transshipments, countervailing duty, binding ruling, anti-dumping?


Have you experienced goods seized, inspected or investigated by Customs?


Do you have a program that would facilitate record keeping on your importations?

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